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As a VCS customer you will experience a new level of awareness about your business or object of observation. Our software enables multiple clients to view entire factory floors, facility grounds, or assembly lines. The VCS is a preventative and reactive measure for quality control. Monitor safety procedure compliance, or study accidents after they’ve happened to prevent the same mistake from occurring again.

With a Video Capture System, you can be in firm control of your business from anywhere at any time.

Benchmark Automation’s VCS is designed with the goal of freeing users from the poor quality and unreliability of tape-based video systems by providing:

  • Digital Quality Video
  • Live Image Viewing
  • Quick Access and Playback of Archived Video
  • Days, Months and Years of On-Line Storage
  • Remote Access from Home, Work or Anywhere
  • Simple, Easy-to-Use Network-Based Interface

Watch your company operations on your PC from any remote location.

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