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Where has the VCS been applied?


Coke Plants

  • Operations Analysis
  • Equipment Analysis

Melt Shops

  • Crane Movement
  • Smoke Stacks
  • Ladle Handling

Continuous Casters

  • Cast Floors
  • Mold Area
  • Torch Cut

Hot Strip Mills

  • Cobble Analysis
  • Off-Level Mill Troubleshooting
  • Pinch Rolls Problems
  • Coiling Monitoring (Sidewall)



Tandem Cold Mills

  • Unwinding/Treading Practices
  • Cobble Troubleshooting
  • Threading Analysis

Pickle Lines

  • Entry/Exit Sections
  • Welding Operations
  • Tracking Problems

Temper Mills

  • Entry/Exit Ends
  • Quality Monitoring

Process Lines

  • Looping Tower Tracking


Anywhere you have a problem


Hot Strip Mill - Cobble Analysis

Cobble 1
Cobble 2
Cobble 3Cobble 4

Melt Shop



Cobble 1

Cobble 1

Emissions 1Emissions 2

Ladle Melt Shop
EPA Emissions

Cold Rolling Operations



TemperProcess Lines
Pickle Tandem Temper Process Lines  

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