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Benchmark Automation’s Video Capture System utilizes the power of the Internet to bring digital quality surveillance to you; wherever you happen to be. From this page you can access the VCS demonstration server at the Benchmark Automation office by clicking on one of the links below.

Benchmark currently offers two different clients for use with the VCS Servers. The “light” client is a Java 1.18 applet, which can be placed in any web page for a quick view of up to 4 cameras. The full client is a Java 1.4 application, which is delivered via Java Web Start to any PC with a network connection to the VCS server.

VCS Remote Full Client Demonstration
Log in with the username: demo
And with the password: demo

VCS Light Client Demonstration


Picture of the server

Demo Troubleshooting Tips


  Light client does not load, or full client cannot connect to VCS server.

  Port 8000 is blocked on your company’s firewall or router.

  You must have access to port 8000 in order to use these demos. VCS servers can be set to use any port for Internet communication, but this demo system is set up with the default port 8000. If you cannot arrange with your IT department to get port 8000 opened on your firewall for your pc, contact us to arrange for a demo of a VCS system.

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