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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the VCS work?

It's as simple as connecting the video signals from your cameras to the VCS Server and connecting the server to your existing network. You decide how many cameras and how long images are stored.

Is the VCS easy to use?

Absolutely! Just start any Internet browser on your PC, go to your VCS website, enter your user name and password and you'll have complete access.

Where can I look at the images?

View video from any camera connected to the VCS using the PC in your office, at the plant, on a remote site, or while at home. For extra protection, allow police, fire and emergency service providers access to some or all of the cameras on the system.

What type of support will I get from Benchmark Automation?

Solutions Integrator magazine named Benchmark Automation the "Top Service Organization in America" because of our commitment to excellence and our track record of providing superior customer service. By delivering this level of service, we are able to respond quickly and efficiently to meet your needs and requirements.

Are there additional computer costs?

The VCS is web-based. This means that any computer with a standard web browser, which can connect to a network or the Internet, is capable of displaying live and archived images. You can install the VCS Client software on as many PCs as desired without additional licensing costs.

Are there camera costs?

Possibly. The answer is "No" if we can use the video signals from your existing cameras. The answer is "Yes" if you do not have any cameras installed, with a low additional cost for each camera.

What makes a VCS different from off-the-shelf DVRs?

We customize the VCS to meet your visual monitoring requirements, rather than selling you a box and requiring your needs be modified to conform to what the box can offer. A VCS offers you more flexibility and monitoring options than a DVR could ever possibly match.

Can I add cameras in the future?

Yes, you can add cameras and/or storage without purchasing another system. The VCS is scalable and will grow as your needs grow.

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