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  • Monitor your process 24 hours – 7 days a week
  • Store snapshots of Every Foot of Product with embedded text on each image
  • View Live or Historical images of the process
  • See exactly what happened using the VCS graphical interface
  • View images from a network connected personal computer
  • View images based on Time, Product ID or Footage
  • Analyze the images and identify the root cause of the problem
  • Save lost time and resources with each future non-occurrence
  • Create multi-media reports that visually explain what happened
  • Include process images in email, reports, and studies
  • Use images or ‘movies’ for operational and safety training



  • Use remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom control from your office to position cameras
  • PTZ camera pre-set positions programmed for ease of operation
  • Create a time lapse “video” of any archived images (JPEG or MPEG)
  • Open API for easy integration with existing computer systems
  • Each VCS is scaleable for your project requirements
  • Works with any speed Internet connection
  • We deliver the VCS that meets your needs!!!

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