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Video Capture Server Overview
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Benchmark Automation has developed the Video Capture System (VCS), a troubleshooting tool used in the Steel Industry to improve productivity and quality. Analyze your operations from your office by viewing Live or Historical images of your process. The VCS can be used for nearly any Steel Industry application to:

  • Reduce MAINTENANCE repair costs
  • Eliminate AUTOMATION problems
  • Improve LABOR efficiency
  • Minimize YIELD loss
  • Improve product QUALITY

The Video Capture System operates with two separate TCP/IP networks. The video cameras transmit over a private video network to allow for full use of the network bandwidth without interfering with any existing LAN traffic. The VCS can then be attached to your existing network, enabling clients on the LAN, or from across the Internet to access the VCS.



We have designed the VCS to be flexible and interoperable with as many brands of video cameras as possible. Benchmark Automation has implemented systems with still-mount and PTZ capable cameras. We will integrate your current cameras into our video network, or can include new cameras in a quote for a VCS.


Video Network

Video Network

We have implemented various types of video networks to suit the particular needs of our clients. In the past we have used fiber optic cable, standard Category 5 Ethernet networks and, in some instances, incorporated an 802.11b wireless portion of the network to allow for remote installation of cameras without having to run cable. We keep a vigil over emerging technologies, and are quick to suggest promising ones to our customers.


VCS Server

Video Capture System

Each VCS is customized for our particular customer’s needs. Video, captured from the cameras and transmitted over the Video Network, is stored in the VCS in its internal hard disks. The VCS runs a version of the fast and dependable Linux operating system. The VCS is capable of running the full client in a console mode to allow for direct access to the archived images if a remote computer is unavailable.


Client Network and Internet

Client Network

A VCS server is integrated into any network that supports the TCP/IP protocol. Though a 100Mbit network will offer you optimum performance, Video Capture Systems can be interfaced to much slower networks. The speed of the client network has no affect on the capture and storage speed of the VCS Video Network, but a faster client network will have a noticeable effect on the Client performance.


Remote Clients

Remote Clients

A VCS can be accessed across a local network or across the Internet via remote clients. Benchmark Automation created a small client applet for maximum compatibility with all systems. This light client is capable of viewing up to four cameras and can easily be embedded into web pages.

The VCS Client is flexible enough to allow a standard 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 or any customized configuration of your camera displays. Each user has the ability to design a camera layout and save that layout for later use.

The full-featured client runs as a stand-alone Java 1.4 application. It is capable of every feature our VCS has to offer. Java Web Start is used to deliver the latest version of the client to anyone who accesses the VCS. This dynamic application-updating feature enables a new version to be deployed with no additional IT client installation costs. Visit the Screen Shots page to find out more about the specific features of the full client application.


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