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The images below are screen captures from the VCS Java Web Start client, and the Java 1.18 Light Client. Included within the pictures is a partial feature listing for each of the clients. Click on an image to view a larger version of that picture.

Light Client

Four Camera Light Client
Four Camera

The light client can display between 1 and 4 live pictures from within a Web Page. You can configure the light client to a specified refresh rate and scaling factor. The light client provides an ideal solution for legacy client systems, web page based delivery, and PDA solutions.

Full Client

VCS Login Window
Login Window

Using the login window, you can specify the username, password, and VCS to log in to. Each user has independent password and camera privileges, which are specified by the system administrator.

Live Image Viewing

Live Images with 13 cameras
Multiple Live

The Full featured client can easily display many cameras at once. Each camera image can be zoomed to full screen instantly for an easy transition from a broad monitoring scope to a more focused view of the live action from a particular camera.

Using the PTZ controls, a user given PTZ access by the administrator, can control a PTZ camera from within the live camera-viewing interface. The user can then pan, tilt, or zoom the view to any desired location within the range of that camera.

PTZ Controls
Zoomed Live
Camera with
PTZ Controls
Archived Image Viewing
Time Review Options
Time Review

When reviewing archived images a user can choose to reference the saved footage by the time it was recorded, or by a piece identification tag. These tags can be created dynamically by interfacing your existing production software with the VCS. Piece IDs and custom text can be superimposed over images. Just as with the live image view, the user can define the specific camera views, size, and location of the images they generate.

The interface for controlling the playback of archived images resembles common VCR controls. Simple playback, or refined image navigation, can be performed effortlessly with the VCS Full Client interface.

Piece Review Options
Piece Review
Archived Image Review
Archived Image
Video Capture Server Administration
User Setup Options
User Setup

The VCS is configurable from any computer running the Full Client. Using the administrator account, any authorized user can completely control every aspect of the video capture process. Because every VCS is built upon a 24x7 reliable Linux foundation, remote access is taken to a whole new level of flexibility. Should you require support from Benchmark Automation, a built in modem allows us to dial into your VCS from our offices.

Video Server Setup Options
Video Server
Setup Options
System Parameter Options
System Parameter
Camera Admin Dialog
Camera Admin

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