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Video Capture System saves $$$ at Primary Operations

“Our Melt Shop/Caster VCS has provided us a way to monitor and record our operations from our offices. We visually analyze operations, safety and maintenance issues. We have identified intermittent problems in operations on many occasions. This has proved invaluable in money savings and identifying unsafe procedures. Benchmark's system support has been outstanding. The VCS has been a huge success, we have just recently purchased a second VCS system for our new EAF/LMF operations."

Howard Clark, Process Control
Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel Corporation, Steubenville, OH



Determine the ‘real’ cause of the problem

"The VCS helps us get to the source of the problem, distinguishing between people, equipment, or incoming Quality issues. We no longer have to guess what the cause is. The VCS is a great tool that has made our company more efficient and greatly improved our problem solving capabilities.“

Jack Bronson, Plant Manger
Gibraltar Strip Steel - Cuyahoga Heights, OH


Improve Pickle Line Quality

“We’re using the VCS to help us improve the substrate quality out of our Pickle Line. Two cameras at the entry end will help us verify incoming cleanliness and shape. Two additional cameras at the delivery end will provide us with a means to detect and eliminate scratches. Benchmark Automation has provided us with the service we expect from our suppliers.”

Gareth Parfitt, Manager-Technical Services
Mittal Steel, Lackawanna, NY


Leverage your investment by using the VCS for multiple applications

“We have approximately 40 cameras in use in the Hot Strip Mill. It started out as an excellent tool in analyzing finish mill cobbles as we have cameras on top and side of each mill capturing 6 frames / second. Now cameras on the charge side and both coil beams are used for verifying slab and coil identity . The system is excellent for retrieving images by anyone with a desktop. We have over 50 users on the system.”

Norm Booi, Sr. Supervisor HSM Process Control
Stelco Lake Erie, Nanticoke, Ontario Canada


Remote monitoring and analysis at Caster reduces reheat costs

"We've found the VCS has many purposes at our Caster. Scheduling personnel use the VCS for critical timing between Melt-to Cast and actually watch the exchange from their office PC's. They have visual confirmation of our operations 24x7. Breakout analysis, correct mold packing and safety procedure verification are just a few other valuable ways we use the VCS!"

Kevin Allen, Senior Maintenance Engineer
AK Steel, Butler, PA


Resolve problems in minutes not hours

“We installed the VCS at three of our Finishing Units to replace our old VCR/VHS tape systems. The old systems were maintenance intensive, constant cost consuming (tapes), and the image quality was moderate at best. The VCS instantly created a better picture quality, which has helped us to better resolve problems and become a more productive department. The ease of adding cameras combined without the need to store tapes for long-term history was also an instant benefit. VCS has paid dividends much faster than we would ever have believed! Great job, great product Benchmark Automation!”

Jon Sarrocco, Electrical Dept Manager - Finishing
Mittal Steel, Cleveland, OH


Focus your resources efficiently

"We use the VCS as a tool to identify problems. It allows us to focus our resources efficiently to improve operations. The Video Capture System works well and has been well supported by Benchmark."

Mark Milliron, Hot Mill Process Engineer
Steel Dynamics, Butter, PA

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